Women's Labradorite Lotus Mala

$ 59.00

women's labradorite lotus mala necklace and wrap bracelet, made with faceted labradorite, and our original bronze lotus. this new piece has been over a year in the making, from the design of our own antique bronze beads, to the the sizing, and finally to the design of our new bronze charms. this piece is available with any of the charms listed below, and falls just a few inches below the heart. can be worn on the wrist a few different ways, either centered or with our signature side design look.

choose a bronze charm from left to right:

bronze lotus
teardrop ganesha / om
good health mantra / om
indian ganesha

labradorite brings forth each person's strengths to share with the world. it helps one find their originality and has a very calming effect. this also makes it a wonderful stone for reducing stress. it helps us relate to others, opens energy flow to the solar plexus and third eye chakras, and whatever energy centers are most in need. at the solar plexus chakra it gives power. at the brow chakra, it encourages deep insight and focused intuition.

labradorite also has an umbrella effect when it comes to energy. it is used to dispel negativity, prevent the draining of energy, and helps to form a barrier of protection around its user. it is a stone of illumination, assists in easing any transformation, and allows one to engage a higher level of consciousness in the process.

6mm stones. 108 mala prayer beads. strung on strong stretch cord with antique gold plated and bronze accents. medium size is made with added antique rounds. this design originally listed 11/14/2014.

Sizing Info:

small - fits a 6.25" - 6.75" wrist

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