Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace

$ 35.10 $ 39.00

women's sapphire evil eye necklace, made with a dainty and feminine gold filled chain, deep blue sapphire, and bronze evil eye charm.  sapphire is a wonderful stone for both the throat and third eye chakras, and is a september birthstone. available in two adjustable lengths, from 14 to 16 inches or 16 to 18 inches. this design is also available with any of the following chakra or birthstones pictured from left to right:

ethiopian opal, garnet, ruby, citrine, peridot, emerald, aquamarine, blue opal, iolite (water sapphire), indian sapphire (true sapphire), deep blue sapphire (true sapphire), amethyst, labradorite, moonstone.  all stones are pictured within the shop so they may be viewed with chain.

sapphire is a stone of intuition, meditation, and hope. it brings beauty, joy, peace, and prosperity, and is an excellent protection stone. it is said to benefit mental clarity, ease sadness, and improve communication. 

the symbol and superstition of the evil eye is one of the strongest and oldest symbolic images in the world. despite the differences in the cultures which hold the evil eye myth, it largely retains the same meaning no matter where the story is told. in its most basic form, the evil eye is thought of as a look given to inflict harm, suffering, or some form of bad luck on those that it is cast upon. it is a look that clearly states negative intention, either out of jealousy or pure malice. the superstition of the evil eye holds that a malicious look is powerful enough to bring about actual misfortune for the person on the receiving end of its intention. evil eye symbols, hamsas, and other charms are believed to ward off this type of energy.

gold filled chain and clasp with two inch extender chain. dainty and feminine bronze evil eye charm measuring almost 1/2 inch long. this design originally listed 6/15/2014.

all 5th element yoga malas and jewelry are shipped free in the u.s. by 2-3 day priority mail. all items are made with mindful meditation, and a devotional, compassionate energy, and are energetically charged and cleansed using specific mantras. purchase includes free tibetan brocade gift bag, and gemstone, mantra, or chakra card depending on what we have in stock.