Women's Indian Sapphire Lotus Earrings

$ 40.00

women's Indian sapphire lotus earrings. sapphire is a stone of intuition, meditation, and hope. it brings beauty, joy, peace, and prosperity, and is an excellent protection stone. it is said to benefit mental clarity, lessen confusion, ease depression and anxiety, and improve communication. it is primarily associated with the third eye and throat chakras, and has been used for cancer, sleep disorders, depression, skin issues, inflammation, hearing and vision problems, and to strengthen blood vessels.

the lotus flower carries many meanings, as it grows in muddy water, rising and blooming above its environment. for yogis, it is a symbol of rising kundalini, activation of energy centers or chakras, the work and dedication it takes once the journey of awakening begins, compassion and understanding, and finally, enlightenment and realization. for buddhists, the lotus flower represents the rising and blooming above our environment to achieve enlightenment, the faith and purification needed upon the journey, the ability to see past wrongs, and compassion for all sentient beings. ultimately, it is a symbol of the many petaled lotus of the crown chakra, awakening to the perfection of self, and serves as a reminder of love, compassion, and true wisdom.

antique gold plated ear wires. approximate 1" length. this design originally listed 9/4/2018.