Men's Wisdom & Positivity Skull Mala Bracelet

$ 34.00

men's wisdom and positivity skull mala bracelet, made with high quality red sardonyx and tibetan carved bone skull. sardonyx is a beautiful stone made of banded onyx, and is a stone of protection and strength. it stimulates our driving for, as well as our understanding of, a meaningful existence. this stone encourages stability, self-confidence, attracts friends and has been used to help lift sadness. it is believed to help generate a more positive attitude, bring happiness to marriage and to “live-in” relationships, diminish hesitation, and support courage. sardonyx stones that contain white onyx inclusions within them are excellent stones for meditation, as they are believed to carry strong vibrations within the third eye and crown chakras.

this piece was made in honor of the acceptance of impermanence. the skull represents embracing this impermanence which leads us to love and compassion, the only thing that is truly permanent. bone mala beads are also recommended for purification and protection, for tantric meditation, and for taming negative energy.

8mm stones. 18 or 21 mala prayer beads. strung on strong stretch cord with tibetan bone accents and handcrafted skull guru bead. this design originally listed 11/2012.

Sizing Info:

small (18 bead) - fits a 6.5" - 7" wrist
medium (21 bead) - fits a 7.5" - 8" wrist

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