Men's Black Moonstone Raven Skull Mala

$ 113.00

men's black moonstone raven skull mala necklace, made with fair trade grade AA+ black moonstone, lava rock, african brass, and bronze raven skull pendant. our Y necklace malas™ are a new and completely original design that uses 8mm beads with a small gap for comfortable spacing between each bead while using for meditation. each piece is made with fair trade gemstones and pendants from all over the world, and our african brass supports women in Africa. carbon emissions from your purchase are also offset by etsy for each shipment. each of these stunning malas comes with a gemstone card (if I have it in stock) and a beautiful tibetan brocade mala bag.

in tibetan buddhism, the skull represents wisdom and the acceptance of the impermanence of all things. by embracing this impermanence, we are led to love and compassion.

black moonstone is really black labradorite and has been used for general protection, especially when traveling. it is said to be cleansing, removing negative energies, as well as providing patience, promoting positive energy flow, and balancing relationships. it stills and focuses the mind for meditation, increases the intellect, stimulates creativity, deepens wisdom, and brings wealth and abundance. It is said to help connect with the higher self, helps to achieve goals, enhances clarity of thought, and stimulates youthfulness and vitality. 

lava rock is a stone of strength and stability in times of change. it supports grounding, is very protective, and absorbs harmful energies. it is associated with the root or base chakra, and embodies the fire of kundalini, which is the eternal force that activates the chakras. it strengthens our connection to the earth, provides guidance and understanding, and allows us to root scattered energy. it promotes focus, balance, and centering by embracing practicality.

8mm beads. 108 mala prayer beads. necklace length is approximately 43 inches in total. this design originally listed 4/01/2022.

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