Men's Raw Diamond Mala Bracelet

$ 37.00

men's raw diamond mala bracelet made from raw diamond, gold, and lava rock. you can't see it in this pic but the diamond has a little sparkle to it. diamond is a stone that powerfully amplifies other gems. it supports balance, prosperity, generosity, love, and longevity, and brings these qualities to relationships. used with loving and clear intent, it is said to clear blockages, open the crown chakra, enhance spiritual peace, and amplify any stone it is paired with. it has been used to increase clarity, trust, strength, courage, hope, and confidence. it is primarily associated with the crown chakra, but can be used for a variety of chakras based on its color.


lava rock is a stone of strength and stability in times of change. it supports grounding, is very protective, and absorbs harmful energies. it is associated with the root or base chakra, and embodies the fire of kundalini, which is the eternal force that activates the chakras. it strengthens our connection to the earth, provides guidance and understanding, and allows us to root scattered energy. it promotes focus, balance, and centering by embracing practicality.

8mm stones. 21, 24, or 27 mala prayer beads. strung on strong stretch cord with brass accents. this design originally listed 2/14/2016.

Sizing Info:

small (21 bead) - fits a 6" - 6.5" wrist
medium (24 bead) - fits a 7" - 7.5" wrist
large (27 bead) - fits an 8" - 8.5" wrist