Elephant, Lotus, & Amethyst Silk Wrap Bracelet

$ 29.00

women's elephant, lotus, and amethyst silk wrap bracelet or necklace, made from a hand dyed silk ribbon, an antique brass elephant and lotus charm, and faceted amethyst. just wrap it around your wrist or ankle, tie and tuck.

the symbolism of the elephant is rooted in many cultures. it is a symbol of abundance, perseverance, and strength. elephants depicted with the trunk rising into the sky are said to bring wealth and prosperity.

amethyst, the stone of spirituality and contentment, represents principles of complete metamorphosis. also known as the stone of meditation and peace, it balances energies of intellectual, emotional, and physical bodies. 

ribbon measures approximately: 42'' X 1/2'' and is stitched at each end. depending on your wrist size this silk bracelet should wrap around your wrist 4-6 times. this design originally listed 1/2017.