Women's Tibetan Blue Malachite Earrings

$ 22.95 $ 25.50

women's tibetan blue malachite earrings, made from tibetan brass capped blue malachite, and smoky quartz. malachite is a stone of positive transformation that supports change with ease, spiritual growth, and prosperity. it is an excellent stone that has been used for concentration and meditation, balancing the emotions, relieving stress, and balancing all chakras. it is a stone of good fortune, prosperity, abundance, and protection.

smoky quartz is a grounding stone that is associated with the root chakra and is believed to be powerfully opening to the crown chakra. it is said to induce alpha/deep meditation and stimulate the natural crystals in body tissues to resonate at the highest frequency. it has been used most often to overcome sadness, nightmares, stress, and other negative emotions, while transforming them into positive ones. it supports deep relaxation and unconditional love, and is especially helpful for those dealing with body image issues such as feeling too fat, too skinny, too short or tall, etc. it is a stone of protection, prosperity, and good luck, and establishes the most gentle and loving connection with the body. 

antique gold plated ear wires. approximate 2.5" length. both photographs are true to color, with the second photo showing direct sunlight but please note, color can vary slightly from pair to pair. this design originally listed 11/4/2014.

all 5th element yoga malas and jewelry are shipped free in the u.s. by 2-3 day priority mail. all items are made with mindful meditation, and a devotional, compassionate energy, and are energetically charged and cleansed using specific mantras. purchase includes free tibetan brocade gift bag, and gemstone, mantra, or chakra card depending on what we have in stock.