Tree of Life, Lotus, & Amazonite Silk Wrap

$ 26.00

women's tree of life, lotus, and amazonite silk wrap bracelet or necklace, made from a hand dyed silk ribbon, a silver tree of life and lotus charm, and faceted amazonite. just wrap it around your wrist or ankle, tie and tuck.

the tree of life, in various religious interpretations, myths, and as a mystical concept represents the interconnectedness of all life on our beautiful planet. it connects all forms of creation, the elements, the four directions, and symbolizes the union of heaven, earth, the spiritual with matter, and a connection to the divine. it is often considered to be the symbol of the creator, and has been referred to as the key to consciousness.

amazonite is said to be a stone of truth, nobility, communication, integrity, and trust. it has been used to enhance intuition, creativity, intellect, and mental abilities, and is associated with the throat and third eye chakras. it is known as a stone of honor and spiritual healing power, calms and lessens stress and self-defeating behaviors, builds self-esteem, and has been used to heal emotional disturbances and trauma. it is said to be useful for helping the muscular system, calcium deficiency, pregnancy, eczema, the nervous system, osteoporosis, and for decreasing heart problems.

ribbon measures approximately: 42'' X 1/2'' and is stitched at each end. depending on your wrist size this silk bracelet should wrap around your wrist 4-6 times. this design originally listed 1/2017.