Men's Kundalini Shakti Chakra Mala Bracelet

$ 34.00

men's kundalini shakti seven chakra mala bracelet, made from high quality garnet, amber, citrine, jade, lapis, amethyst, and smoky quartz gemstones, with fair trade wood, hematite, lava rock, and compassion mantra guru bead. the lotus mantra, translated as the "jewel in the eye of the lotus," is known as the mantra of compassion or om mani padme hum. it is considered the highest mantra and protects from all harm, sufferings, and ill health. it also purifies and frees us from all negative emotions of the mind and speech.

Sizing Info:

small (18 bead) - fits a 6" - 6.5" wrist
medium (21 bead) - fits a 7" - 7.5" wrist
large(24 bead) - fits an 8" - 8.5" wrist

8mm beads. 18, 21, or 24 mala prayer beads. strung on strong stretch cord. purchase includes chakra card. this design originally listed 5/26/2014.

the chakras are each of the centers of energetic power in the human body. there are seven main chakras described in the tantric scriptures. each chakra represents specific vibrations and frequencies with progressively higher states of consciousness and growth.