Mens Tibetan Om Ah Hum Necklace

$ 24.00

men's om ah hum necklace, made with a strong adjustable black cotton cord, and tibetan brass om ah hum pendant. each necklace is adjustable with sliding knots and measures approximately 31" inches in total length. pendant measures 1.5" inches.

the syllables OM AH HUM have outer, inner, and "secret" meanings. at each of these levels, OM stands for the body, AH for the speech, and HUM for the mind. they represent the transformative blessings of the body, speech, and mind of all the buddhas. externally OM purifies all the negative actions committed through the body, AH through the speech, and HUM through the mind. by purifying the body, speech, and mind, OM AH HUM grants the blessing of the body, speech, and mind of the buddhas. 

this design originally listed 11/2017.

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