Lotus Mantra Key Chain

$ 10.00

lotus mantra key chain. the lotus mantra, translated as the "jewel in the eye of the lotus," is known as the mantra of compassion. it is considered the highest mantra and protects from all harm, sufferings, and ill health. it also purifies and frees us from all negative emotions of the mind and speech. bone malas are recommended for purification and protection, for tantric meditation, and for taming negative energy.

this key chain is not too heavy and is perfect for holding a large number of keys. it ships for $14 or for $10 with another item. this design originally listed 1/24/2017.

all 5th element yoga jewelry is made with mindful meditation, and a devotional, compassionate energy. purchase includes free silk sari gift bag, and gemstone card detailing your item's properties.