Women's Kyanite & Blue Lace Agate Mala

$ 49.00

women's kyanite and blue lace agate mala necklace or wrap bracelet, made from grade aaa+ kyanite, high quality blue lace agate, and silver accents.

choose a charm from left to right:

lotus, buddha, om (top)
hamsa, buddha head, ganesha (bottom)


kyanite is a beautiful ocean blue or light green gemstone with color washes of white, black, gray, silver, or teal. it is said to aid in self-expression and communication, and has been used to open the throat and crown chakras. it is often referred to as a stone of visualization, and brings protection, loyalty, honesty, and tranquility. it diminishes anger and confusion, does not retain negative energy, and never needs energetic cleansing. it aligns and balances all chakras, removes energy blockages, and is a boost to meditation. green kyanite is especially useful and balancing to the heart chakra.

blue lace agate is a gentle and calming stone that strongly supports grace, communication, and the giving of energy. it grounds one to the heart while promoting compassion for the self and for others. it is believed to facilitate higher states of meditation, intuition, inner wisdom, tranquility, and activates the throat chakra. it has been used to dispel anger, calm the nervous system, aid arthritis and bones, digestive ailments, disturbances of the immune system, skin, and speech, and is a stone of gentle protection.

6mm stones. 108 + 1 mala prayer beads. strung on strong stretch cord to accommodate being worn on the wrist. this design originally listed 3/1/2016.

Sizing Info:

fits a 5.75" - 6.5" wrist