Women's Serenity Wrap Mala Bracelet

$ 39.00

women's serenity wrap mala bracelet, made with high quality ebony, amethyst, and bronze lotus on brass charm. this bracelet may also be used as a half mala with 54 prayer beads.

amethyst, the stone of spirituality and contentment, represents principles of complete metamorphosis. also known as the stone of meditation and peace, it balances the energies of the intellectual and spiritual bodies. it opens and activates the crown chakra, enhances serenity, composure, cooperation, fairness, common sense, re-alignment of energy bodies, spiritual insights, and is said to protect from psychic attacks.

ebony is considered to be one of the most powerful woods and is said to bring strength and protection. it amplifies any stone it is paired with, balances both the feminine and masculine energies, brings good luck, and is considered to be especially useful in the seeking of spiritual knowledge. our ebony is sourced through responsible farming, without harm or deforestation.

6mm stones. 54 mala prayer beads. strung on strong stretch cord with brass and antique gold plated accents, with bronze lotus on brass. small size pictured. medium size made with a few extra antique gold plated accents throughout the ebony. this design originally listed 10/2012.

Sizing Info:

small - fits a 5.75" - 6.5" wrist. 
medium - fits a 6.5" - 7" wrist. 

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