Women's African Turquoise Sandalwood Mala

$ 41.00

women's african turquoise sandalwood mala necklace or wrap bracelet, made from tibetan sandalwood, african turquoise, and bronze lotus or choose a charm. this new piece has been over a year in the making, from the design of our own antique bronze beads, to the sizing, to the creation of our new bronze pendants.  this piece falls just a few inches below the heart. 
choose a charm from left to right:

bronze lotus, teardrop ganesha / om (top, pic one)
good health mantra / om, indian ganesha (bottom, pic one)
lotus, hamsa, om (top, pic two)
ganesha, buddha head, buddha (bottom, pic two)


african turquoise is a stone of protection and grounding, gentleness and relaxation, tranquility and ease, and gentle change. it balances yin and yang energies, sustains and supports through times of stress, brings peace and emotional healing, and protects while absorbing negative energy. it attracts friendship, love, luck, prosperity, happiness, success, and courage, and has been said to aid in the release of shame and guilt. it promotes stability, comfort, and calm, is a powerful healer that empowers and re-aligns all chakras, and has been used to aid the liver, gallbladder, digestive system, and intestinal ailments.

naturally fragrant and calming, sandalwood is believed to be good for general prosperity and promotes tranquility as an aid to meditation. it is excellent for grounding and removing negative emotions, and supports the first chakra and achieving personal goals.

the lotus flower carries many meanings, as it grows in muddy water, rising and blooming above its environment. for yogis, it is a symbol of rising kundalini, activation of energy centers or chakras, the work and dedication it takes once the journey of awakening begins, compassion and understanding, and finally, enlightenment and realization. for buddhists, the lotus flower represents the rising and blooming above our environment to achieve enlightenment, the faith and purification needed upon the journey, the ability to see past wrongs, and compassion for all sentient beings. ultimately, it is a symbol of the many petaled lotus of the crown chakra, awakening to the perfection of self, and serves as a reminder of love, compassion, and true wisdom.

Sizing Info:

fits a 6" - 6.75" wrist

this piece doubles as a necklace and wrap bracelet. 6mm beads. 108 mala prayer beads. strung on strong stretch cord to accommodate being worn on the wrist. made with brass and antique bronze accents with bronze pendant. our original lotus is signed on the back by 5th element yoga. this design originally listed 7/11/2014.


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