Turquoise Good Health Mantra Mala

$ 48.00

women's turquoise good health mantra mala necklace or wrap bracelet, made from calming white howlite, blue green turquoise, labradorite, and double sided good health mantra / om charm or choose a charm. this piece falls just a few inches below the heart.

bronze lotus, teardrop ganesha / om (top, pic one)
good health mantra / om, indian ganesha (bottom, pic one)
lotus, hamsa, om (top, pic two)
ganesha, buddha head, buddha (bottom, pic two)


turquoise is most famous as an amazing healer for illnesses in the physical body and mental/emotional bodies. it is also known as a stone of protection and communication on every level. it is wonderful for the throat chakra, to encourage communication between the heart and mind, as well as to express desires and dreams. it opens the throat chakra, for clear communication, creativity, serenity, and spiritual bonding through verbal expression. it balances yin and yang, energizes, cleanses and clears the meridians or nadis of the body, and is known as the stone which connects heaven and earth.

labradorite brings forth each person's strengths to share with the world. helps one to find their originality and brings easier, more restful sleep as it has a very calming effect. this also makes the stone a great stress reducer. it helps us relate to others and opens energy flow to the solar plexus and brow chakras, and whatever other centers are most in need. at the solar plexus chakra it gives power. at the brow chakra it encourages deep insight, psychic ability and focused intuition.

labradorite also has an "umbrella effect" when it comes to energy. it is used for deflecting bad energies away from its user, preventing energy leakage and helping to form a barrier or umbrella around the user. it dispels illusions and assists in easing any transformation, allowing one to engage their higher level of consciousness in the process.

this piece doubles as a necklace and wrap bracelet. 6mm beads. 108 mala prayer beads. strung on strong stretch cord to accommodate being worn on the wrist. made with brass and antique bronze accents with bronze good health mantra pendant. please note that the larger bronze beads placed throughout the mala are included in the count for meditation. the bronze beads in the front of the mala are not included in the count. this design originally listed 3/2017.

Sizing Info:

fits a 6" - 7" wrist