Tibetan Turquoise Sandalwood Mala

$ 49.00

women's tibetan turquoise sandalwood mala necklace and wrap bracelet, made with high quality tibetan turquoise, tibetan sandalwood, water sapphire, brass tassel, and tibetan inlaid beads. turquoise is most famous as an amazing healer for illnesses in the physical body and mental/emotional issues. it is also known as a stone of protection and communication on every level. turquoise is wonderful for the throat chakra, to encourage communication between the heart and mind, as well as to express desires and dreams. it opens the throat chakra, for clear communication, creativity, serenity, and spiritual bonding through verbal expression. it is known as the stone which connects heaven and earth, it balances yin and yang, and energizes, cleanses, and clears the meridians or nadis of the body.


water sapphire is also commonly known as iolite, and is considered to be one of the best stones for healing, meditation, and spiritual growth. it stimulates the third eye, throat, and crown chakras, intuition, visualization, and growth in a gentle fashion. it supports communication and relationships of all kinds, and has been used physically for varicose veins, the respiratory system, addiction, alcoholism, the liver, and to maintain sobriety.

naturally fragrant and calming, sandalwood is believed to be good for general prosperity and promotes tranquility as an aid to meditation. excellent for grounding and removing negative emotions. supports the first chakra and assists in achieving personal goals.

8mm stones. 108 mala prayer beads. strung on strong stretch cord with bronze accents and handmade tibetan beads. this design originally listed 1/2017.

Sizing Info:

fits a 7" - 8" wrist