Tibetan Amber & Coral Adjustable Bracelet

$ 36.00

tibetan amber and coral adjustable bracelet, made with hand inlaid tibetan copal amber, coral, turquoise, and white brass. coral stones bring diplomacy, understanding, quiet emotions, and bring peace to the inner self. they facilitate intuition, imagination, creativity, visualization, accelerate the transfer of knowledge, and bring love and prosperity. coral is also said to strengthen both the circulatory system and bone structures in the body, stimulate tissue regeneration to nourish blood cells, help with disorders of the spine, alimentary canals, nervous system, and ailments of the bones and blood such as arthritis and anemia. it has also been used to help battle mental illnesses.

amber is known for its beauty and quality. its color, warmth, and electrical properties have earned it a reputation as a protective and calming stone. it can absorb negative energy, has been used to help the body to heal itself, and supports a sunny disposition, happiness, courage, good luck, and manifestation. it has also been used to dispel depression.

threaded on strong coated wire with very well made adjustable knots. center focal piece measures about 1" x 1".  this design originally listed 2/2014.

Sizing Info:

fits a 6" - 9" wrist

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