Raw Ruby Compassion Earrings

$ 27.00

women's raw ruby compassion earrings, made with genuine raw ruby and brass. ruby is a stone of nobility. its energy is intense and vivid while encouraging one to follow bliss. it is a wonderful stone for the root chakra as it stimulates our basic instinct for survival, while strengthening both the physical and emotional heart. this stone brings love, confidence, loyalty, and courage. it instills stamina, vitality, and strength, and has been used for removing blocked energies in the reproductive system and re-energizing one after exhaustion. it has also been used for balancing the blood's sugar and to help reduce negative thought patterns.

ruby also allows us to love the self and spirit. it is a good stone of protection and is one that all those who are in service to others should have upon them. it helps one feel more like giving to others while doing so with love and joy in the heart. this stone does not allow resentment to be a part of the heart. it helps one to relax while caring for others as it does not allow one to feel trapped in that role. it helps all to be warm, caring and devotional to the needs of others.

antique gold plated ear wires. approximate .75" length. this design originally listed 10/2011.

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