Peridot Heart Chakra Necklace

$ 29.00

women's peridot heart chakra necklace, made with a dainty and feminine gold filled chain, peridot, labradorite, and bronze heart.  peridot is a wonderful stone for the heart chakra, and is an august birthstone. available in two adjustable lengths, from 14 to 16 inches or 16 to 18 inches. this design is available with any of the following chakra or birthstones pictured or with no stones at all. pricing starts at $29 for a plain necklace with no stone, $34 with stone, and $39 for tanzanite or one raw diamond. any stone chosen will be paired with labradorite as pictured. if you would prefer to have three of the same stones, please include this in the notes of your purchase. choose a stone from left to right:

ethiopian opal, garnet, ruby, citrine, peridot, emerald, aquamarine, blue opal, iolite (water sapphire), indian sapphire (true sapphire), deep blue sapphire (true sapphire), amethyst, labradorite, moonstone, or tiny pearl (not pictured).  all stones are pictured within the shop so they may be viewed with chain.

peridot is a stone that balances and stimulates the heart chakra. it is a stone of compassion, is excellent for healing, and has a very friendly energy. it brings abundance and prosperity, enhances the healing and harmony of relationships and marriage, and can lessen stress, anger, and jealousy. it has been used as a stone of protection, and is said to benefit conditions of the heart, heal ulcers, and aid digestive problems.

labradorite brings forth each person's strengths to share with the world. it helps one find their originality and brings easier, more restful sleep as it has a very calming effect. this also makes it a wonderful stone for reducing stress and anxiety. it helps us relate to others, opens energy flow to the solar plexus and third eye chakras, and whatever energy centers are most in need. at the solar plexus chakra it gives power. at the brow chakra, it encourages deep insight and focused intuition.

gold filled chain and clasp with two inch extender chain. dainty and feminine bronze heart charm measuring almost 1/2 inch long. this design originally listed 6/15/2014.

all 5th element yoga jewelry is made with mindful meditation, and a devotional, compassionate energy. purchase includes free silk sari gift bag, and gemstone card detailing your item's properties.