Mens Tibetan Peace Sign Locket Necklace

$ 26.00

men's tibetan peace sign necklace, made with a strong stainless steel ball chain, and sterling silver tibetan kalachakra locket pendant. each necklace measures approximately 30" inches in length with a ball chain clasp closure and can easily be adjusted to desired length with wire cutters or shears. locket pendant measures 1" inch.

the kalachakra is a complex symbol that points the pathway to harmony and world peace, and is often referred to as the Tibetan version of the peace sign. it depicts the ten interlocking or stacked syllables of the kalachakra mantra (om ham ksha ma la va ra ya sva ha), commonly known as the 'all-powerful ten'. the interlocking body of this mystical monogram is written in an indian/buddhist sanskrit script. above the broad horizontal bar which crowns seven interlocking syllables is a crescent moon, a sun disc (or dot), and a dissolving flame-tip which completes the ten stacked syllables. the entire symbolism of these stacked syllables is extremely complex, encapsulating meanings which relate to the three aspects of the kalachakra tantra, the external, internal, and alternative.

this design originally listed 11/2017.



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