Mens Heart Messenger Necklace

$ 24.00

men's heart messenger necklace, made with a strong stainless steel ball chain, and nepalese silver hanuman pendant. each necklace measures approximately 30" inches in length with a ball chain clasp closure and can easily be adjusted to desired length with wire cutters or shears. pendant measures 1" inch.

hanuman is revered as a symbol for pure devotion, complete surrender, and the absence of the ego or lower self. he symbolizes unconditional faith, total surrender of the heart, and aligning the self with the forces of good. he is known as a devotee of shiva and rama, and is often referred to as the messenger of the gods. he is a symbol of loving service, a courageous warrior for the weak, and the transcendence to a higher consciousness through love and devotion.

this design originally listed 11/2017.