Women's Love & Abundance Mala Bracelet

$ 29.00

women's love and abundance mala bracelet made from white moonstone, sodalite, old brass, and malaysian rhinestones. moonstone is associated with the heart and crown chakras. it can help calm responses and avoid overreaction, relieve emotional stress, enhance feminine energies, sensitivity, intuition, and psychic abilities. it is a stone of protection, especially during childbirth, pregnancy, and travel. it is a stone of abundance and is also associated with love of all kinds. physically, it is said to aid the pituitary gland and digestive system, obesity, water retention, hormonal problems, and menstrual problems.



sodalite is known as the poet's stone. it is a stone of logic, rationality, efficiency, and truth. it is good for healing breaches in communication and can help end arguments or other disagreements and is particularly useful for honesty of emotions and love. it increases intelligence, knowledge and learning, and can unite the logical with the spiritual. physically it is said to be beneficial for diabetes, digestive system, lymphatic cancer, relieving insomnia, and decreasing calcium deficiency.

8mm stones. 18 or 21 mala prayer beads. strung on strong stretch cord with rhinestone accents. small size doubles as an 18 or 21 count depending on whether the moonstone is counted. medium size does not include the moonstone as part of the count for meditation, but please note that both sizes count the brass beads on the sides of the bracelet and the moonstone has natural white striations within the stone. this design originally listed 1/1/2017.

Sizing Info:

small (18 / 21 bead) - fits a 5.75" - 6.5" wrist
medium (21 bead) - fits a 7" - 7.5" wrist

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