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30 Day Yoga Teacher Training Retreat in the United States... March 19 2009

Travel to America and vacation in sunny Phoenix, Arizona while immersing yourself in a 30 day yoga teacher training program. Live in AZ? Locals are also welcome! Program schedules are designed to be both intensive and relaxing, allowing traveling students free time for sightseeing and short day trips to nearby cities such as Sedona and Flagstaff, while becoming a well rounded and certified Hatha yoga instructor in the tradition of...

Introduction to Pranayama... February 20 2009

How Pranayama Can Enhance Your Yoga Practice By Ann Pizer, Yoga breathing exercises, also known as Pranayama, are an important part of a developing yoga practice. Pranayama is one of the Eight Limbs of Yoga, as defined by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. In addition to deepening your yoga practice, learning ways to calm or invigorate the body through breathing will greatly benefit your life off the mat. Breathing...

Tips for Regular Yoga Practice... February 02 2009

As with everything in life, yoga is effective but it will only work if you ‘work it’. For results with Yoga, as with any program, one needs to learn two simple rules; dedication and persistence. You have to be dedicated and follow the practices on a regular basis if you really want to get results. If you have bought some books on yoga and meditation, don’t let them gather dust...

Meditation for Beginners... January 24 2009

Throughout each stage of our lives, we all experience habitual mental patterns, as well as our own versions of trauma. Notice I used the word ‘own’ (we will come back to this in a moment). After each experience, our miniature super computers store them as memories to be used and compared, at a later time, to new experiences. In the practice of yoga, we refer to these memories as samskaras,...

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