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NEW! women's birthstone and tibetan earrings... April 07 2017

new women's birthstone and tibetan earrings now available for purchase.  see the collection here.

NEW! men's turquoise buddha yin yang mala... April 03 2017

men's turquoise buddha mala necklace or wrap bracelet, made from high quality whitewood, grade AA+ turquoise, obsidian, and double sided buddha / yin yang pendant. the word buddha is a sanskrit word which means "the awakened one", one who is awakened to reality, who understands the true nature of the mind, the world, and all sentient beings. the buddha embarked on an endless, compassionate journey to teach living beings how...

NEW! tibetan coral mala bracelet with african turquoise...... April 01 2017

tibetan coral mala bracelet, made from african turquoise, tibetan sherpa coral, and a handmade and inlaid tibetan coral and turquoise guru bead. coral stones bring diplomacy, understanding, quiet emotions, and bring peace to the inner self. they facilitate intuition, imagination, creativity, visualization, accelerate the transfer of knowledge, and bring love and prosperity. coral is also said to strengthen both the circulatory system and bone structures in the body, stimulate tissue...

mens lava rock chakra mala bracelet... March 28 2017

men's seven chakra mala bracelet, made from high quality garnet, amber, tiger's eye, jade, turquoise, lapis, and amethyst gemstones.

NEW! 54 bead double wrap indian coin mala bracelets... March 26 2017

new 54 bead double wrap indian coin mala bracelets made with tibetan gemstones.  see the collection here.

NEW! women's tibetan healing + intuition mala bracelet... March 25 2017

women's tibetan healing and intuition mala bracelet, made from faceted amazonite, garnet, handmade and inlaid tibetan turquoise and coral, and choice of charm. read about the stones here.  

NEW! mens black moonstone mala bracelet... March 22 2017

men's black moonstone mala bracelet, made from grade AA+ black moonstone, lava rock, coconut shell, and hematite. black moonstone is actually blue labradorite and brings forth each person's strengths to share with the world. it helps one find their originality and brings easier, more restful sleep as it has a very calming effect. this also makes it a wonderful stone for reducing stress and anxiety. it helps us relate to...

new silk wrap bracelets are here!... March 04 2017

check out the new collection here.

New chakra malas just listed!!! We are so excited!!!... May 27 2014

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