om mani padme hum meditation March 22 2017

“om mani padme hum” is an ancient sanskrit chant commonly associated with tibetan buddhism, invoking the quality of compassion. chanting is known as “mantra yoga”, where we use the power of vibration to create internal harmony and raise our consciousness.

the meaning of this mantra is widely known.  “om” represents the fundamental vibrational energy that pervades this whole universe, a representation of the divine energy. it is a stand-alone mantra that often precedes other chants.  “mani” means “jewel”, “padme” means “lotus” and “hum” could be interpreted to mean “me”. put together, the chant would mean, “om, let me become like the jewel that is the lotus”.


om mani padme hum meditation: 

  1. sit in a comfortable meditation posture with your eyes closed.
  2. visualize a beautiful lotus flower in your mind’s eye.
  3. chant “om mani padme hum”, either silently or aloud, for a set number of times. traditionally this would be done with a mala and chanted 108 times, but if this is too much, then either 54 times with a half mala or 27 times with a bracelet is fine.  you can hear a great example of this mantra being chanted here.
  4. usually the pace of the chants is even, except for the last one, which is elongated.
  5. after the last chant, observe how you are feeling for a few moments before opening your eyes. remain in the state of alert calmness for as long as you can after coming out of the meditation.