can't sleep? try "so hum" meditation by rachel h. March 20 2017

one of the most famous quotes by the dalai lama says "sleep is the best meditation."  but how do we sleep when the mind is racing and won't quiet down?  we worry, think about work, and toss and turn because the mind is restless and jumps from one thought to the next.  i often experience this when working on new designs, so i always turn to "so hum" meditation.

the sanskrit mantra "so hum" translates as "i am that."  it is a simple but well known mantra that can aid quieting the mind without the use of a mala.  so you can try this mantra while lying in bed when sleep eludes you.


how to use the "so hum" mantra:

  1. deepen your breathing.  on the in breath, mentally chant soooo.
  2. on the out breath, mentally chant hummmmm.
  3. each time the mind begins to wander, gently bring your attention back to the breath and the mantra.
  4. if you prefer to use a chant other than the sanskrit mantra, choose something that works with the in breath and out breath, and mentally chant using these instructions.


sweet dreams!