Tips for Regular Yoga Practice February 02 2009

As with everything in life, yoga is effective but it will only work if you ‘work it’. For results with Yoga, as with any program, one needs to learn two simple rules; dedication and persistence. You have to be dedicated and follow the practices on a regular basis if you really want to get results. If you have bought some books on yoga and meditation, don’t let them gather dust while you plan and hope you will start the practice one day.

Yoga postures and basic meditation exercises are simple enough to learn, even for a child. The major problem with most yoga ‘drop outs’ is not getting the techniques right, as most people have aligned their minds to believe, but the ability to establish the habit of following the practices through on a regular basis. The following tips may help you to do your yoga and meditation on a daily basis.

Determination: Start your yoga with a firm determination to see it through. Yoga begins and ends with the mind, if you can convince yourself you really want to do it, then you should be able to keep the spirit. The problem with most people is that they rush into everything that sounds interesting before they are sure of whether they want it or not. These people will usually dump a program before they even really begin it. Close your eyes, search deep within you, “is yoga really important to me?” Decide you will give it a fair try and stick to that determination. There are days when you feel low and won’t want to do your yoga, remember your initial soul deep determination and you will always find the right spirit to go ahead.

Be organized: Things go smoothly and are more interesting when they are well organized. Make a regular schedule for your yoga practice and stick to it. The mere fact that you will always look forward to the period of your daily yoga practice will always keep it in your consciousness. You will get best results from yoga if you do your practice daily. No matter how busy you are, keep some time free during the day and reserve this time for your practice of yoga and meditation. It is better if you can get up early in the morning or late in the evening, when there will be fewer distractions.

Free your Mind: It is not enough to reserve a time for yoga if you can’t put your all into the practice. When you decide to do your yoga practice and meditation, remember that the next couple of minutes have been reserved for the development of your mind and personality. It would be pointless, if your body were doing the practice while your mind were busy sorting out some other worries. Once you begin your daily yoga practice all other worries and responsibilities should be tucked somewhere else until you are through.

Add Some Color: Learning how to give and share is an important part of the personality yoga seeks to create in you. Add some color and fun into your daily yoga practice by involving your friends who would also benefit from practicing yoga. The enthusiasm of others would rub off on you any day you feel low and don’t want to continue with your practice. Yoga is not what you keep to yourself – bring in one or two friends.

Learn Patience: It took you several years to build up your present personality and physical structure. You can’t change it overnight. Although, with yoga you don’t have to wait for that many years to change yourself because the regular and systematic practice of yoga postures and basic meditation can help you to make great changes within the shortest possible period. It’s being human, sometimes you feel like you are getting results and other times, you feel like nothing is changing. You shouldn’t worry so much about the short-term effects, what really matters is the ultimate goal you want to achieve. It takes a little time, but with dedication and persistence, your most profound yoga dreams will be achieved.

Thanks to article author Michael Russell.